CTO as a Service

With our global network of vetted, world-class
Chief Technology Officers available on-demand
we bring the world of technology closer to you
and make it affordable for startups and sme

Our approach

Three flavours of CTO as a Service

Part-time CTO

If you’re not ready or able to hire a permanent,
full-time CTO, we can immediately provide
the right person, for the right amount of time,
for as long as you need - and no more

Outcome as a Service

Some situations require a specific outcome,
instead of a role. It may be a critical initiative on a
transformation, acquisition, integration, or carve-out.
A force-multiplier to get more done

Shadow CTO

For technology leaders dreaming of cloning
themselves or having someone with the
complementary skills - we provide options,
being it advisory, execution or mentoring

What is CTO as a Service

The CTO as a Service model is a highly flexible approach to technology leadership, where organisations can specify what skills they require, the responsibilities to be covered, and the proportion of time spent in the role along with the length of the contract. The level of support can be ramped up or down in line with the changing business context. It is a cost-effective alternative to recruiting a permanent Chief Technology Officer and it is ideal for ambitious start-ups who want to increase development velocity and bring validated products to market quickly, SMEs looking to enhance and optimise their technical strategies to drive innovation and growth, as well as larger companies who require an external perspective into their current systems and future development roadmap. The CTO as a Service can include upskilling and knowledge transfer for your permanent staff, whether working in technology or in adjacent areas.

Our Services

Why choose us

Choosing a CTO is tough.
Let us convince you


You are the leader who is capable of envisioning the future. We help you shape that vision further and translate it into an actionable technology strategy and build a technology roadmap


We continuously monitor new technology trends and experiment with disruptive innovation to help you get a competitive advantage using IoT, AI, ML and other remarkable technologies


All our CTOs have got at least ten years of experience in the technology space. A lot of them have been founders of startups or leading innovation in big companies


We have a few brilliant minds ready to apply their "out of the box" thinking to solve the most challenging problems and not only to make your ideas happen but to outperform the crowd


We speak both business and technology languages to connect founders, engineers, and investors into a single space to share valuable information and make strategic decisions


We hire only executive-level professionals with founders mentality and strong leadership skills who take responsibility for the success of technology in your business

we are on the way

to become a go-to place for technology consulting


CTO Partners


Successful Projects


Technologies used

our services

we plan, design, build and support high quality products


Our executive level CTOs will help you build and implement the best technology strategy and product roadmap based on your ambition, market context and resources available.


Rapid prototyping helps to visualise look and feel of end product, get early feedback and convince investors your idea is profitable. This will also boost brain’s motivation.


Efficient strategy, thoughtful architecture, proven approach and strong leadership certainly save budget on engineering work and cloud infrastructure. CTO is an investment not a cost.


Product quality is extremely important to achieve your business success. We help you find the best engineers to match your product requirements, then CTO of your choice will lead them.


We provide independent and thorough technology review and risk assessment. Resulting report may include not only evaluation of the past performance but also potential for the future growth.


We offer CTO advisory or second opinion on the matters of architecture, strategy, organisation and processes. Our advisors can empower your permanent CTO with their vision of the future and innovation.


What technologies we used in 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of software to “think”, analyse the data and make decisions. AI can emulate human behaviour to perform different tasks and improve the behaviour over time using newly available data. AI is used in healthcare, industrial sector, finance, e-commerce and many other sectors.

Internet of Things (IoT) is the data network that connects different small devices and sensors to communicate with each other. IoT data analytics have been successfully implemented in retail, healthcare, manufacturing and other sectors, significantly reducing the cost of operations and creating competitive advantage.

Machine Learning (ML) is a method of data analysis that is capable to improve automatically through experience. ML algorithms can predict future state of a system based on historical data, identify anomalies and patterns. ML is used in audit, finance, cybersecurity, e-commerce and many other sectors.

Robotics process automation (RPA) is a form of business process automation technology based on metaphorical software robots or digital workers. Those robots can use another software like humans to perform various tasks. RPA can be used in accounting, finance, insurance, legal and other businesses.

how we did it

working together to achieve great results


Our manager will schedule a video call with you to understand your business context and recommend the right part-time CTO for you. It is extremely important for us to handpick the person that fully matches your project requirements and personality preferences.


After initial call we will provide a report that briefly documents our understanding of the problem to be solved. Then CTO of your choice will work with you to create or adjust high level plan of work to be done. Our CTOs will add value immediately based on their vision and extensive experience as we work only with executive-level professionals.


Once we reached an agreement on work to be done, the CTO of your choice will provide detailed work breakdown along with estimation in hours. You will pay only for the work you really need even if it is just a couple of 30 min calls with the CTO. We work only with professionals who provide clean and sharp solutions to your problem and never overestimate the amount of work to be done.


After all the negotiations are finalised and estimations are approved the CTO of your choice will start to do actual work planned. Our CTOs main intellectual and emotional reward is to be part of the solution that brings value to your business. Our client support team will make sure that everything goes smoothly and would be happy to help anytime.

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recent projects

successful projects, happy clients, great results


Giving initial boost to smart
fintech solution for employers and employees


Ensuring scalability of one of the biggest
global food delivery marketplaces

Probitas 1492

Robotics Process Automation for
Lloyd’s underwriting syndicate

Smart Home Solution (NDA)

Using IoT, AI and ML
to create disruptive innovation

Telehealth Solution (NDA)

Ensuring scalability and security while
integrating with external systems

Fintech Solution (NDA)

Creating disruptive innovation
for small businesses

Home Rentals Solution (NDA)

Creating smart engine to
balance demand and supply

Fintech Solution (NDA)

Technology strategy and roadmap
for business loans brokerage platform

Cardio Data Vault

Securely storing and analysing
patients cardiovascular data


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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the world of technology closer to you and make it affordable. At the fraction of the cost for a permanent CTO we will help you to disrupt the market with innovative technology, get the investments or just provide valuable advisory services from the top CTOs around the world.

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